High quality tomato paste from Iran – the product that we supply wholesale across the territory of Kazakhstan. Pasta packaged in tin cans (weight 440 g, 800 g) and is distinguished for its delicate and at the same time rich flavor.

When you pick a ripe tomato, it seems that nature itself gives you its heart. So, probably, would say Omar Khayyam, if he had lived in our time in his motherland – in the picturesque north-east of Iran, near steeped in centuries Nishapur. It was there, where once lived the great sage; there are wonderful gardens and vegetable plantations in a mountain glen now.

There is grown the heart of Iran, which we offer you. Environmentally clean product – the famous Iranian tomato paste, during production of which was used nothing but salt and fresh tomatoes.

This taste came to us from childhood, along with the taste of dates and other dried fruit. We remember what delicious borshch our mothers and grandmothers cooked for us, adding to the main ingredients the pulp of Iranian tomatoes. Today, trying to diversify the home menu, we pamper ourselves by pizzas and fell in love with vegetable stew, mushrooms, meat, cabbage, Lagman, azu, bozbash.

All this will not do without adding tomato paste. And what is our disappointment when, instead of the desired deep bright orange color and sweet flavor, we get the substance of undefined quality.

That’s because the classical content of dry matter in the tomato paste should be from 25 to 40%. It is this percentage which determines its quality. Thus, the more dry matter is in the tomato paste, the more tomatoes are there.

On the basis of tomato paste you can cook any dish (the recipe of which includes it) as well as use when making tomato juice. In addition, many producing companies buy tomato paste for making ketchup. But its main purpose – to give dishes appetizing color and distinctive sweet-sour taste. Knowingly tomato paste is a common product of Oriental cuisine: Tajik, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Uzbek, Kazakh.

Tomato paste from Iran is the main type of canned food, which is produced by our company «Johnston» over 10 years. You can buy it wholesale in our company at the lowest prices with a comfortable system of discounts and terms of delivery.

We should note that our tomato paste is bought wholesale by retail store networks and markets in large quantities.

What is tomato good for?

Wonderful vegetable tomato has excellent taste, pleasant and appetizing appearance, and healing properties. Effective benefits of tomatoes due to the presence in the vegetable a wide set of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the human body.

Tomatoes contain natural forms of sugar – glucose and fructose; fibre, pectin, vitamins C and E, all B vitamins and folic acid; carotene, a variety of organic acids: citric acid, oxalic acid, apple acid, amber acid, tartaric acid. Lycopene, carotene and xanthophyll, which are abundant in tomatoes, provide bright red color of the vegetable. In addition, tomatoes contain protein nitrogen, starch, a number of minerals: calcium, sodium, phosphor, iron, iodine, chlorine, magnesium, silicon and sulfur of Tomatoes also contain provitamin A – a carotenoid, which is a natural antioxidant. That is why tomatoes are useful for the prevention of cancer.

Tomatoes are very useful in case of problems with the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Vitamins C and provitamin A, which are abundant in tomatoes, strengthen the systemic immunity of the body and efficiently help to resist various diseases. Acids contained in tomatoes – apple and citric – are necessary for eupepsia. They successfully regulate the acid-base balance, and effectively struggle with aging.

For reduction the risk of cancer tomatoes contain a very useful element – lycopene,. Due to the high content of lycopene, tomatoes are not only useful for the prevention of cancer, but also for cardiovascular diseases. Another good property of lycopene – it is a preventive remedy from developing of macular degeneration, which causes blindness. Most often it affects people at the age of 55 years and older.

We should eat at least 20 tomatoes in a week in order to feel real benefits from them. It is recommended to use tomatoes in salads with sunflower or olive oil. In this form lycopene is better absorbed by the body.

Moreover, were identified benefits of tomatoes and tomato juice for people suffering from gastritis with hypoacidity, memory impairment, anemia, and general loss of strength. Tomatoes are known for their laxative effect as well. For this reason, they are recommended for people with frequent constipation. In case of varicose you can put paste of red tomatoes to the veins, and leave for the whole night, securing them with an elastic bandage.

It is hard to overestimate the benefits of tomatoes for mental health. This is a great anti-depressant, not worse, than chocolate. Tomatoes contain a loading dose of serotonin and thiamine – the happiness hormones that help to overcome depression and improve the mood. Thiamine – is the same serotonin, but in an organic form. It turns into serotonin already in our bodies. Tomatoes are “prescribed” even in case of major depression, mental shock and etc. After all, the need for thiamine and serotonin increases sharply with stress.

The obvious benefit of tomatoes is that they are low-calorie. In 100 grams of tomatoes there is only 22 kcal. So, eating tomatoes, you: will not put on extra kilograms; on the contrary, you will get rid of some excess fat that spoil figure.

Chromium helps to lose weight – a substance that is contained in tomatoes. Chromium blocks hunger pangs and helps to feel the satiation quicker. There are many diets based on eating tomatoes – both fresh and baked.

But even such a useful product as tomato, has some contraindications. For example, those who suffer from cholelithiasis cannot eat a lot of tomatoes. Tomatoes have choleretic property and can trigger the movement of stones. When having high blood pressure, kidney and cardiovascular disease people should not eat salted, pickled and canned tomatoes. But cooked products – when using tomatoes, for example, in soups – can support the formation of stones in the kidneys and bladder.

How to keep all these healing qualities during processing?

Firstly, the possible addition of conservants and GMO is excluded. Otherwise, we will have the opposite effect, well, or will not receive valuable substances which are contained in tomatoes. Technology of the «Johnston» company allows avoiding additives. In the tin can with tomato paste «Johnston» you will find nothing but the freshest tomatoes and salt.

In order to save all the useful properties of tomato paste the quality control is carried out at each stage of production, in accordance with all international standards. For deliveries to the market products are packed in tins weighing 800, 440 grams. The company exports its products worldwide. Nonstop export of tomato paste «Johnston» made ​​this plant a leading exporter for many years (2002 to 2012).

Recent agricultural research has proven that the use of chemical pesticides in the growing process, regardless of their effective period on food and vegetables, have side effects on human health, as well as other toxins that remain on the plants pose a serious threat to human health.

«Johnston» – one of the first in Iran began using a full range of agricultural and industrial technologies which has incorporated the latest knowledge and technologies. It allowed making a big step in the fight against diseases and pests of tomatoes. And in order to have a healthy product are used only biological methods and modern drip irrigation systems in the territory of more than 1,000 hectares: parasitic wasps attack the pests and worms and destroy them, leaving no harmful effects on the products.

The Johnston» company was founded in 2000 and produces tomato paste in sterile packaging for export purposes to the world markets. All raw materials used in production, are grown in Nishapur, which is one of the best areas of tomato cultivation in Iran, using the most modern equipment, production area of 3500 square meters. In order to ensure the highest quality of the necessary raw materials, the company began to grow tomatoes using the latest agricultural technologies.

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