2020 Business Road Map implementation successful in Almaty region

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The «2020 Business Road Map» programme is being successfully implemented in the Almaty region. The Tekeli dairy factory is one of its projects.

The factory raised a bank loan worth 13 million tenge under the «Business Road Map» programme. These funds were spent on purchasing new equipment. According to the company’s management, the factory will now be able to increase overall production thanks to the program and it has already employed new workers.

Valentina Kubrak, Director, Tekeli Dairy Factory: «This is a very good programme. This is the future of our company and our people. We have raised this loan practically within a month. Well, we hope that the programme will continue to operate and that there will be new programmes. We will certainly take part in these programmes as well.»

Gulnaz Nugmanova, Manager, Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund: «The program limits the interest rate of no more than 14%. 7% is paid by the government. We are currently working to attract and to educate the growing number of entrepreneurs with the terms of the programme. We visit district centers and villages in this respect as the agricultural sector is a priority in this industry.»

In general, 67 projects totaling approximately 22 billion tenge have been approved under the «Business Road Map» programme in the Almaty region. Agreements on subsidies have already been signed in respect of 51 projects.

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