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We know exactly

We know exactly how to make the agricultural sector of the country prosperous and profitable for those who gave all their forces. Our agency “Kazakh-Zerno” and our newspaper “KazahZerno.kz” confidently serve as the platform on which the experts and professionals of AIC offer their estimates and express opinions on the current state of the industry and provide forecasts for development of the situation.

We know exactly who prevents the agricultural sector from moving in the right direction. In our publications we call these people by name, as we believe that a thief should be in prison, but not in the ministerial cabinet. Naturally, such a principled position does not make us very popular among officials, but it adds us a reader interest: today IA “Kazakh-Zerno” is the most visited and most authoritative specialized Internet resource devoted to agriculture of Kazakhstan, and the newspaper “KazahZerno.kz” is the publication with the most qualitative analytics regarding AIC.

We know for sure that the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan start every their morning from reading news of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”. This is not surprising since we are writing about the things they are trying to hush up in their blogs and twitters.

We know for sure that the information is our tool, our servant. We well know how to use this instrument, treating the entire info field devoted to the agriculture of North-Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan, the CIS and the world. Satisfaction with the work done we get when our articles help readers to get the necessary information for a successful business, to make the right conclusions and better decisions.

We do know that our mission is accomplished when, after our publications on corruption in various government agencies related to agriculture, law enforcement agencies investigate and punish those found responsible.

We do know that if you need a reliable source of information on all matters relating to agriculture, if you need an advertising platform for hosting your business information both online and in the traditional paper newspaper – you will not find a better partner than the Information Agency “Kazakh-Zerno” and research and information edition “KazahZerno.kz”.

We know for sure that the impact of our partnership will be maximum and the harvest – generous.

We provide:

– Regular detailed monitoring of the prices of grain and products of its processing;

– Every day dozens of news from Kazakhstan, CIS and the world on the latest developments in various fields of agricultural production;

– Information on the latest developments on agricultural science and practice;

– Analytical materials about problems in development of grain production, the state of the grain market, seeds, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, petroleum products, herbicides, plant protection means from pests and diseases.

We offer:

– free placement of your proposals for sale, purchase or exchange of commodity and seed grain in our “free advertisement board”;

– placement of information about new types of goods and services, which will be used in grain production and its processing, in the advertising section.

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