Agriculture Ministry gears up for accurate projection of farm production in Kharif Season

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The Union Agriculture Ministry is getting ready to offer advance -and accurate projection of farm production in the Kharif season by establishing a remote sensing centre in the country’s national capital with the help of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The centre is expected to become functional within one month.

Mr Prabeer Kumar Basu, Agriculture Secretary, said, “ISRO has developed basic procedures, models, and software packages for crop area and production forecasting, using remote sensing and weather data. We will be engaging seven Isro scientists who, along with our agriculture scientists, will come out with reliable information about agri output.”

Moreover, the technology will be used for the analysis of cropping system (satellites offer valuable information about diversification and intensification of crops), mapping of sodic and usar soils, reviewing the affect of droughts and floods, weather forecasting and monsoon prediction.

The Ministry has been conducting a nationwide project, ‘Forecasting of agriculture outputs through satellite, agrometeorology and Land-based observations’ (FASAL) for predicting the major crops consisting of wheat, rice, millet, jowar, bajra, oilseeds and sugarcane.

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