Almaty region producers organize trade fair in Astana

Новость на Казах-зeрно:

Producers of the Almaty region have brought about four tonnes of vegetables, meat and dairy products to Astana to participate in the agricultural trade fair that has started recently.

Fifty-six «Kamaz» with fresh foodstuffs have reached Astana for 24 hours. Farmers of the Almaty region have organized a true autumn festival for residents of the capital city. Astana residents were surprised by prices, which are 15-30% lower than in the local shops and markets.

Deputy of Almaty region governor Tynyshbai Dossymbekov: «We used to monitor prices at markets in order to establish an average price but this time we have decided to fix our own price. After comparison we have found out that our prices is 10-30% lower. We are selling fresh food.»

During such trade fair Astana residents have an opportunity to take products for a winter and producers have an opportunity to sell their products without mediators. From the beginning of the year the Almaty region organized 821 agricultural trade fairs and sold products worth over 1 million tenge.

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