Almost 2 billion tenge will be earned by farmers in the midst of crisis

The authorities of Kazakhstan at a critical moment for the country gave a vital question to private hands – the organization of farmers’ travel through checkpoints. Agrarians must submit an application for a pass through the infamous portal using the AgroRuqsat service.

The whole history of Qoldau is connected with claims from the peasants, notes. From the incomplete functionality (which in many cases made it impossible to timely submit applications for state support) to arbitrarily set fees for using the service (the last example is in the midst of the crisis, an attempt to increase the monthly fee by almost four times – from 3 to 11 MCV!).

 In addition to claims from farmers, questions arose for Qoldau and … for special services.  The audit showed that the end owners of the software used by the system are located outside the country.  These are foreign developers who provide their programs for the portal.  But naturally, they continue to have access to them.  For this reason, a ban was imposed on the integration of the service with many state databases.  Indeed, to open access to them means to jeopardize the security of confidential economic and other information important to national security.

 In principle, farmers are still under attack, uploading their financial documents to the network.  After all, it is not known who and why can use them.

Despite all these obvious “white spots” and “black holes”, with April 18 accepted the decision about what to apply for permits to overcome roadblocks farmers have through Qoldau! The most important issue that affects not just the quality, and the very possibility of sowing (and hence food security of the country within the next year) by the state farmed out to private shops!

Even ignoring the possibility of realization of someone’s malicious intent to disrupt the sowing campaign in Kazakhstan through a violation of freedom of movement of farmers (which is quite possible), pay attention to the technical problems. Let’s remember that just a month ago, stating the need to raise rate 3.7 times, the management portal Qoldau company “TransTeleCom” justified its decision by the need to upgrade equipment, which allegedly cannot cope with the load. And what has changed since then? The tariff is not increased, then the equipment is old. How the system will cope with a new huge burden – in fact, applications for permits must be hundreds of thousands!

Output two – or the management company initially lied about the need for a costly upgrade (and then it can not be allowed to pass because of the unreliability and unpredictability).

Any information about the weakness of computing power is true, then farmers will collapse because of bridging programs – similar to those that occurred when submitting applications for grants. In this case qoldau also not be allowed to ensure the free movement of farmers during planting season.

Meanwhile, groups of farmers already plenty of complaints on the operation of the system. The whole region is excluded from the system, the machines with the old numbers do not accept, or anything else.

At the same time, many farmers who had not planned this year in principle to seek state support and was not going to pay fees for the use of Qoldau, suddenly had to fork out. By the way, the spread will have 7545, like last year, and 8334 – because of the increased size of MCV.

So, once again, public services (which should be free for all under the law!) cost the farmers a lot of money – the fault of the creators Qoldau.

“Oh, so it’s a private shop? So we have to pay for the opportunity to go to their fields some kind of slacker?!” — write the indignant farmers.

To calculate the resulting margin is easy. If in the country more than 200 thousand farmers, and everyone will pay 8334 connection to the system, in order to pass, the profit-ass loafers to trouble the whole country will amount to almost 2 billion tenge!

No wonder people say – “to Whom war and to whom mother native.”

By the way, introduced a ban on the free movement of farmers bargain of another category of fans of easy money – those who exercise control. It is no secret that in our country everything that it is impossible – it is possible for the money. And tariffs for overcoming roadblocks already known – from 2 to 10 thousand tenge from the machine, depending on the time of day and the number of passing. In the end, it is not surprising that the authorities at all level of hysteria surrounding the coronavirus and increasingly tightening the permit regime: it is elementary and beneficial. Health care of the citizens here in last place in the first place – your pocket.

Thus, to solve the issue with the freedom of movement of farmers can be elementary, without the cost of using third-party services. After all, there is a state database containing information about all the owners and tenants of agricultural land. Electronic passes can be given on the basis of these data, the disposal of land committees areas. But apparently, someone very powerful lobbying interests Qoldau, once again providing feeder by farmers.

Myrzabek Smagulov

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