Australia: Encouraging signs for grain

THERE are some encouraging signs from around the world that we could begin to see some good pricing opportunity for Aussie grain, reported NA “Kazakh-Zerno” with reference to the “The Weekly Times“.

Conditions are currently very dry in Europe and the Canadian crop is sitting under water.

The markets in general have a bullish feel and this has been reflected in recent weeks with a general increase in wheat pricing.

Queensland continues to be a stop start affair across the crop growing belts.

In central Queensland the wheat is looking for a good drop of rain.

The earliest sown crops are at shot blade stage and these crops will be harvested late September.  

At this time of year moisture is a problem for late plant sorghum and the only drier at Capella in this region has been going 24/7 now for weeks.

The Darling Downs would be close to being the driest growing cropping region in Australia at the moment.

There has been a huge drop in wheat plantings on the Downs with growers now looking to rain for summer cropping options.

Grit corn and cotton are in the mix but unless significant rain is received ground will be fallowed over for next season.

The wheat and barley that has been planted on the Darling Downs has now emerged and is looking for follow up rain to establish secondary roots.

In Western Qld and Goondiwindi the crops are holding with the small amount of rain received.

The dry sown wheat around Meandarra and Tara has germinated and will need good follow up rain within two weeks to secure a good emergence.

Due to the uncertainty in the global economy and continued pressure on wheat there has been a swing into what would be considered specialty crops with a large amount of this year’s wheat crop under irrigation.

Summer cropping continues to play a significant part of Queensland grower’s rotation with a general mix of sorghum, sunflowers and cotton.

Chickpeas and mungbeans are progressing well and if the season continues to be kind these crops will be amongst the best return on investment this year.

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