Bread became more expensive in the North Kazakhstan

Новость на Казах-зерно:

In North Kazakhstan the price of bread made at factory rose for 3 tenge. Now the 600-gram loaf of bread baked on a bakery in Petropavlovsk costs 48 tenge.

If monitoring the prices of the previous decade, the correspondents of IA “Kazakh-Zerno” noted the price rise of wheat flour of extra–class by 5 tenge, today we have to mention that the product put on “weight ” by another 10 tg. At the moment North Kazakhstan inhabitants buy flour in local markets for 120 tg / kg. Pasta also went up by 40 tg per kg.

Meat market also did not please consumers. Thus, if the horse meat and beef were in the same price range – 1600 and 1450 tg/ kg, respectively, the lamb for the holiday of Kurban Ait grew in value by 300 – 1800 tg / kg.

In the vegetable market carrot and cabbage to the delight of housewives dropped in price by 30 tenge.

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