Can Mamytbekov be trusted?

On March 3, news of the arrest of Narmukhan Sarybaev burst into the information space of Kazakhstan with a fresh spring wind.  The former head of the Agrarian Credit Corporation is suspected of receiving multimillion-dollar bribes.

 On the same day, by some strange coincidence, Asylzhan Sarybaevich Mamytbekov launched an extraordinary activity on social networks, when he was the Minister of Agriculture, Narmukhan Sarybaev and headed ACС.

Negative emotions

So, on March 3, Asylzhan Sarybaevich immediately published two Facebook posts dedicated to the “parsing” of the article “” with the saying heading “Statistics exposed the lies of Asylzhan Mamytbekov”.

 For some reason, the ex-minister calls the article “libel”, and its author Akyn Aulova – “fake journalist”.

 But we will not be offended by Asylzhan Sarybaevich: firstly, given his frustration with the arrest of Narmukhan Sarybaev, and secondly, taking into account the fact that the content of the article is, of course, unpleasant to him.

 Well, we ourselves will not be given emotions and will try (as always – as objectively as possible) to answer Mamytbekov’s arguments.

 Although, if you look, there isn’t much to answer there, because, in fact, no arguments were given in the lengthy posts of the former minister.

 Well, judge for yourselves: in this article we provide official statistics on the fact that beef exports in 2019 amounted to about 5 thousand tons, and imports in the same period – 25 thousand tons.  That is, five times more meat was imported than exported!

 What does Asylzhan Mamytbekov answer to this?  And here’s what: “On the official statistics website, data for 2019 has not yet been published.”

 And for some reason, for some reason, he loudly calls this textbook official’s official reply an “antithesis”!  Moreover, in our article even the table is shown with official data!

Alien words

Further more (as the saying goes, the farther into the steppe, the smaller Angus). Do not deny yourself the pleasure to quote emotional speech Mamytbekov:

“b) the profit (not even revenue, and profit!!) 15 thousand dollars from the battered meat heads! Where the money Zine!

If live cattle, that is, raw materials costs to the factory 300-375 thousand tenge (750 tenge per kg live weight* 400-500 kg), i.e. about 1.0 thousand dollars and the output is the IPC receives 15 thousand dollars, then why do oil and gold? And most importantly, what prevents the meat when the rate of profit to pay more for domestic farmers than foreign buyers of lives cattle?

The issue price of 50-60 thousand tenge that is less than $200.

I think the greed? No of course. There’s simply no such yield witticism wrote the fake expert village matters, although his surname is Aulov.

There is or ignorance of the issue or the desire to enter the confusion of the layman!”

And now the most interesting: in this case, if anyone was trying to mislead the layman, so it’s not Akin Villages, and… the first Vice Minister of agriculture Arman Yevniyev. The Arman Evniev, which together with the Asylzhan by Mamytbekova (in 2018 held the post of the responsible Secretary of the Ministry of agriculture) was part of the team of the Ministry of agriculture, issued on the mountain sectoral program of development of meat cattle breeding. And Arman Yevniyev it at every opportunity, repeated (and continues to repeat as the head of a consulting company) saying that “after the bull in a meat factory must remain one breath”, in order to eloquently describe the depth of processing in modern meat processing plants. And that Arman Evniev was announced in the press this amount of profit from the slaughter and “analysis into parts” one bull — $15 thousand for Example, in this interview (the agriculture Ministry lures investors in Kazakhstan).

So if Mamytbekov at this point you have a complaint, let them make them to his colleague to Arman Evniev. But not to reporters.

Skeleton problems

In general, as a whole, both posts of Asylzhan Mamytbekov are an attempt to hide the main thing behind a heap of some little things.

 What is the main thing?  This is a ban on livestock export, which was introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan – to the great displeasure of the leadership of the Meat Union of Kazakhstan.  Asylzhan Mamytbekov and his associates, who earned a lot of money through mediation, are unhappy with this.  And no matter what the ex-head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan writes, he writes about this!  But over and over again he stumbles on elementary logic in an attempt to drag his “counterarguments” over his ears.

 So, let’s finally remove all unnecessary and expose the skeleton of this problem.


 • Why do Uzbeks buy Kazakh cattle?

 Because it is cheap.  (No one will argue).

 • Why is Kazakh cattle cheap?

 Because it is subsidized by the state.  (It is also useless to argue).

 • What is the purpose of state subsidies?

 It is that Kazakhstanis eat healthy and tasty meat of domestic production.

 So we think.  And we write our articles in order to expose this obvious fact!

  But Asylzhan Mamytbekov with the third paragraph will probably start to argue.  Break the throat – it will prove that the state pours tens of billions of tenge into the industry annually so that the Kazakhs do not eat meat.  And in order to … Then follows the already mentioned heap of little things in an attempt to hide the main thing – which we deduced in the first two paragraphs.

Sad but true

What we have in fact (which had a hand in it Asylzhan Sarybaevich?)

Before the ban on the export of live cattle state subsidies were only one: the middlemen have earned billions on mediation! And this is called beautiful words about the open market” and “free business”. Again – do business WITHOUT, but not at the expense of the budget.

And while you earn on the effect of subsidies, this is not a business, and the cynical use of public resources for personal enrichment. Seasoned lengthy discussions on FB that are being either stupid or the same cynical “businessmen” used to line the pockets due to the proximity to the budget trough.

Is it important for them diet of an ordinary citizen? Not at all! They can easily send their fellow citizens to the supermarket filled with steroids and antibiotics chicken legs that are over the ocean for human food-no one believes…

And tellingly, for all the talk of limiting the ability to earn after the introduction of the ban on the export of live cattle, the Meat Union leaders forget the main thing — there is no ban on the export of MEAT there!

Want to export — supply even in the same region of the Turkestan meat hammer there, these 156 thousand heads allegedly allegedly fattened steers and sell the same to the Uzbeks.

But no! Never Meat Union don’t? And you know why? Because the Uzbeks don’t need meat, and not bulls, even fed. They need breeding stock to develop their own livestock. Just as they need Kazakhstan grain, not flour, to develop their mill.

And that pussy to a large extent drove abroad before the ban, counterfeiting of the paper mentioned by the experts, and even the Minister of agriculture Saparkhan Omarov on the results of inspections at the border.

Fakes and Anguses

Новость на Казах-зерно:

There is no sense in continuing the further “debriefing” of the ex-minister’s thought – the result will be the same.  Briefly, the general essence of the posts of Asylzhan Mamytbekov, one of the readers in his commentary described very succinctly: “What are you talking about?  Only excuses, and cheap singers are nearby. ”

 About the “cheap sing along” noticed exactly.  We analyzed the profiles of those who left approving comments under the post of Mamytbekov.  It was not difficult to analyze for long, since the cat cried for comments of these.  So, with great surprise, we found out that half of them are fakes with empty profiles on Facebook.  The second half – Mamytbekov’s colleagues in the Meat Union and the “cheap singers” who are “stuck” with him – you can’t say more precisely.

 For example, Maksut Baktibaev, who, when Asylzhan Sarybaevch was the Minister of Agriculture, headed the livestock department.  But in the end, he flew out of office under a corruption article and was put on trial.  True, he escaped with a slight fright (and a suspended sentence), becoming the director general of the Meat Union.

 Interestingly, it was Baktibaev who invited the few “live” readers of his boss’s page to a certain telegram channel where all the aforementioned fakes are already “listed”.  The question arises – is it not he who “grazes” these dead souls with an unknown goal to anyone?  For example, the Kazakh-Zerno technical service found these fakes among commentators under publications on our website.  Naturally negative.  So, the conclusion is obvious: from grazing Angus to grazing clones – one step.

Instead of meeting

The study of digital footprints leading to a known address, we will continue. In the meantime, back to the main point in both posts Mamytbekov: to him that he suggested to the journalists of Kazakh-Zerno will meet (though really, at least virtually) so we can finally get from him satisfactory answers to all our questions related to the activity on a post of the Minister of agriculture and in particular, the failure of odious meat “project.”

According to Mamytbekov, Kazakh-Zerno these proposals have ignored.

Hearing these words, the first thing you need to wonder – and whether it is possible to believe Mamytbekova?

Let’s remember the story of the Muslim by Umiryaev. Someone forgot to remind that he was Vice-Minister of agriculture at a time when Mamytbekov was the head of the agrarian Department. And got on a bribe in $100 thousand and when they hear about the arrest, Asylzhan Sarybaevich here, on Facebook, hastened to make a loud statement that if the court proves fault of his Deputy, that he would willingly leave a warm place of the Minister.

And guess what: after the verdict (eight colonies) Asylzhan Mamedov to the laughter and hooting of all KazNet … took it back. And continued to steer the Ministry of agriculture as if nothing had happened.

So, today, we have every reason to treat the ex-Minister about his willingness to meet with the journalists of Kazakh-Zerno with a condescending smirk. Moreover, have many years of experience of correspondence communication with this official: once Asylzhan Mamytbekov led the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan, the Agency Kazakh-Zerno lost tolerance for any event held under the auspices of the Department.

By the way, the predecessor Mamytbekov, Akhylbek Kurishbaev, regularly gave interviews to our reporters. But the new Minister of agriculture is not simply ignored our numerous suggestions to comment on this or that critical situation (e.g. a problem with the shipments of grain to the seaport of Aktau), and closed our Agency access to meetings in the Ministry of agriculture (although before that we had there accreditation and quietly visited them). The cause of his aides sounded again – they say that we the “yellow press”.

Well, what color was the former Minister we do not know, and conjecture will not. As for the meeting with our correspondent, we are ready. Assign a time and place, Asylzhan Sarybaevich.

And by the way, how could I forget… after All, one meeting we had: Mamytbekov and the founder of the Kazakh-Zerno. Rights not in the office of the Meat Union, and not the Ministry of agriculture, and in the investigator’s office. And the reason for the meeting was not the meat of the program, and an attempt of raider capture of the Agency. But this, of course, is another story…

Myrzabek Smagulov

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