Canada:Winter Wheat Research

Winter wheat growers will benefit from one of the largest winter cereal research projects in western Canadian history, reported “Kazakh-Zerno” IA with reference to the “Portage Online“.

“We’re just taking a huge run at the whole thing,” says Jake Davidson, executive director of Winter Cereals Canada. The three prairie provinces’ winter wheat commissions, along with Ducks Unlimited and researchers from Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, are receiving 1.3 million dollars from the federal government for winter wheat agronomy research.

“We have literally dozens of research people involved across the prairies. Each one will concentrate on their specialty under the all-around direction of Brian Beres [Agriculture and AgriFood Canada biologist based in Lethbridge],” says Davidson. “For winter wheat, this is big.”

Scientists will be conducting a set of nine studies looking at a number of crop management issues including nutrient management, weed, disease and insect challenges, stubble and crop residue management, as well as improving crop rotations.

Brian Beres, biologist and principal investigator of Integrated Crop Management Systems with AAFC in Lethbridge says the research will “ultimately result in improved winter survival, crop yield, and yield and grade stability across the prairies.” 

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