Canada:Winter Wheat Seed Shortage

There’s a scramble for winter wheat seed, reported “Kazakh-Zerno” IA with reference to the “Portage Online“.
“Anybody looking to plant winter wheat this fall, if you have unseeded acreage, you better be looking for seed,” says Jake Davidson, executive director of Winter Cereals Canada. “Seed is very, very short this year.”
Demand for winter wheat seed is higher than normal with millions of acres going unseeded in western Canada this spring. Many growers are planning on sowing winter wheat into the previously-flooded land.
Meantime, Davidson notes supplies are smaller due to reduced production in 2009. Demand for seed was low in the fall of 2009 as producers struggled to plant winter wheat with the delayed harvest. Rather than saving that seed for this summer, Davidson says much of it ended up in Canadian Wheat Board programs.

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