Chairman of the Board of NK “ProdCorporation” Akberdin resigned

Chairman of the Board of JSC «NK «ProdCorporation» Rinat Olegovich Akberdin resigned.

According to our source, Karaulov Kanat Serikovich will occupy the chair of the chairman, previously the managing director is a member of the Board of the Joint-Stock Company “National Managing Company KazAgro”.

As previously reported to, The Ministry of National Economy has changed the limit of external debt for KazAgro for 2020.

According to the order of the head of the Ministry of National Economy, the level of obligations for this company has decreased more than twice, from 51.4 billion tenge ($135.4 million) to 22.8 billion tenge ($60.2 million).

The document is in public discussion until October 21 of this year. His execution is entrusted to the first Vice-Minister of National Economy. It should be noted that at the last meeting of the government Vice-Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Rustem Kurmanov, there are 350 thousand tons of grain in the fund of the Procorporation, plus another 70 thousand tons, which are contracted – this is about 400-420 thousand tons of grain.

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