China corn cargoes diverted from Dalian, soy unaffected

According to the China National Grain and Oils Information Center ships delivering corn cargoes to the stricken northeast Chinese port of Dalian are being diverted, but imported soybean shipments have not been affected, reported “Kazakh-Zerno” NA  with reference to the “Reuters“.

It said Friday’s oil pipeline explosion at Dalian has forced the closure of most of the facilities in the Dayaowan area of the port, and traffic to the Beiliang section — which handles grain shipments — has been restricted but not stopped.

The closures at Dalian, one of China’s biggest ports, followed a pipeline explosion and fire while oil was being offloaded from a tanker, and state media said some 1,500 tonnes of oil spilled into the sea, causing a 183 sq km (71 sq mile) slick. [ID:nTOE66102V]

To ease the congestion, corn deliveries to Dalian are now being diverted to the nearby ports of Jinzhou and Bayuquan, but warehouse space is expected to be sufficient to meet demand, the think tank said.

A CNGOIC researcher said the explosion and subsequent closure has had no noticeable impact on the delivery of imported soybeans to Dalian.

The explosion at the Xingang section of the port has caused an oil slick stretching at least 183 square kilometres and over 500 fishing boats have now been recruited to help out with the cleanup operations, state media reported on Tuesday.

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