China is seriously interested in the oil and fat industry of Kazakhstan

One of the main importers of oil seeds and vegetable oils from Kazakhstan in recent years is China.

In 2016/17 MY the share of China in the general structure of export of oilseeds was 21%, oils – 64%. The largest volumes of oil seeds purchased by China in Kazakhstan fell on sunflower – 101.15 thousand tons – 37% of the total volume of exported seeds.

Among vegetable oils, sunflower oil supplies are leading – 23.59 thousand tons (64%), second place is occupied by linseed oil – 12.50 thousand tons with a share of exports of 89%, the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” reports.

In general, the export of oil products from Kazakhstan to China in 2016/17 MY amounted to 150.26 thousand tons of oil seeds (sunflower, soybean, cotton and other oilseeds) and 40.90 thousand tons of vegetable oils (sunflower, linseed, soybean, rapeseed).

Considering the growing demand of China for oilseeds products, the potential of the Kazakhstan market, convenient logistics, the prospects for increasing the volumes of supplies from Kazakhstan are quite real. In addition, it is worth noting that China is ready to invest in the production of vegetable oils that meet Chinese requirements and preferences in the territory of Kazakhstan with subsequent imports of these products.

So, in mid-October, the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askar Myrzakhmetov, held a meeting with representatives of a number of Chinese companies, during which they discussed the possibilities of increasing the volume of mutual trade and investment in the oil and fat industry of Kazakhstan. In Astana, on November 29, the International Fat-and-Oil Conference of Kazakhstan “KazOil 2017” will take place. For the effective functioning of the oil and fat industry in Kazakhstan, it is necessary to solve quite a lot of urgent problems both in the production sector and in the processing industry. To this end, the first international fat and oil conference of Kazakhstan “KazOil 2017” will bring together state agents and the authorities of the country, industry associations, Kazakhstan agricultural producers and processors, participants in the oilseed market of Russia and other countries of the EEU and the Customs Union, leading experts and operators of the world oilseed market, representatives of agricultural science, supplying companies of modern technologies and equipment.

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