Consumption of fruits, fish and meat decreases in Kazakhstan – statistics

Last year, compared to 2015, according to a sample survey of households to assess the standard of living, there was a multidirectional change in the consumption of food by the population, according to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As pointed out in the Statistical Committee, there is an increase in consumption of potatoes, eggs, cereals and cereals, milk and dairy products, butter and fats. Consumption of fruits, fish and seafood, sugar, jam, honey, chocolate, confectionery, meat and meat products, vegetables is declining, reports the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

The most consumed group of food products in households (on average per capita) in the Republic of Kazakhstan were milk and dairy products, the least consumed – fish and seafood.

In 2016, on average per month, actual consumption was per capita: rice – 1.3 kg, wheat flour from flour 1 grade – 3.7 kg, pasta – 1 kg, beef – 2 kg, fish fresh or chilled – 0, 6 kg, raw milk – 1,7 l, kefir – 1,3 l, apples – 1,3 kg, potatoes – 4 kg, sugar – 1,7 kg, black tea – 0,2 kg.

When comparing the consumption of the main types of food products by the population in rural and urban areas, the greatest differentiation is noted in the consumption of eggs, bread products and cereals.

Considering the regional aspect of average per capita consumption of the main types of food products by the population in 2016, the following regions can be noted, with the smallest and largest volume of consumption.

There is a significant differentiation in the consumption of food products between the extreme decile groups, so 10% of the poorest population, compared with 10% of the most well-off, consumed fruit 3.0 times less, 2.9 times – meat and meat products, 2.8 times – fish and seafood.

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