Countryman of Shukeyev and Mamytbekov was behind bars

The Burabay district police department assigned a 55-year-old resident of Nur-Sultan Kurbanov Amirbek Sherzhanovich to the temporary detention center.  The same person who appears in the case of the raider seizure of the news agency and threats against the founder.

 Together with him, there were three more people behind bars, each of whom was 33 years old.  Two are residents of Shymkent (Asherbayev and Shaldanbaev), one is also from the capital (Nurmuhambetov).  Obviously, strong young people played the role of “fighters” under Kurbanov.

What brought this criminal quartet to places not so remote?

 According to police, on December 5, a fight broke out between visitors at the Rixos-Borovoye Hotel.  As a result, one of its participants, Nurmuhambetov, was admitting to the hospital with a cut wound to his left elbow.  Despite the fact that the cut of life was not threatening and assistance was providing to the victim on an outpatient basis, the police, upon the statement of the head of the hotel security service, began an investigation of the incident.

 Everything that happened turned out to be recording on surveillance cameras.  Witnesses also helped restore the picture.

It was found that at about 13-30 on December 5, Asylbek Mazhikov came to the hotel, who had an appointment with the criminal quartet.  The man sat down at their table, but the conversation did not work out – soon all four began to beat Mazhikov in front of the visitors and hotel staff.  He tried to escape and run away, but he was overtaken and continued reprisal.  The man had no choice but to stab one of the attackers, Nurmuhambetov, with a knife.

 Having established this picture, the police decided to detain the four initiators of the fight on the fact of hooliganism.

 One can only guess what made Kurbanov and his accomplices forget even the feeling of self-preservation and arrange a massacre in broad daylight in a decent place.

 Although, perhaps, he hoped to get out of the water dry, relying on connections in higher circles.  Indeed, the study of the facts from the biography of Kurbanov allows us to conclude that he was closely acquainted with such a heavyweight as Umirzak Shukeyev, with whom they are countrymen.

So, according to media reports, Amirbek Kurbanov’s business grew in parallel with the development of Umirzak Shukeyev’s career.  And it is in those regions where he held senior posts.  In the Kostanai region under akim – Shukeyev Kurbanov acquired a brewery and other large facilities receiving government orders.  Also in his ownership were tens of thousands of hectares of arable land.

 In Astana, under the akim – Shukeyev, Kurbanov acquired land for development.

 After Shukeyev came to the government, Kurbanov in the NKR became the owner of the largest elevator, and also received extensive farmland for use.

 These are “coincidences” in the life path of fellow countrymen’s!

 As a result, in 2018, the road of Shukeyev, Kurbanov, as well as Asylzhan Mamytbekov (another countryman in this trinity) was stopped with the agency.  The fact is that at that time Umirzak Shukeyev headed the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  The department did not like the criticism of what is happening in the agricultural sector of the country, which is heard on the pages of our publication.  In order to “shut their mouths” to journalists, the founder of was forced to rewrite the agency to Kurbanov at a meeting with Mamytbekov (who was then the executive secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

 The agency’s editorial board, which was practically censored by officials (which is prohibited by law), turned to law enforcement for protection.  The investigation is ongoing.

 And now – a new criminal episode with the participation of Kurbanov.  What it ends with, one can only guess.  The name of the connection, money and influence, probably the detainee will try to evade responsibility.  I would like to hope that he will not succeed in doing this, and justice will prevail.  And we will continue to monitor developments.

Myrzabek Smagulov

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