East Kazakhstan: 62% of cattle herd is kept in private farmsteads

Новость на Казах-зерно:

In all categories of farms in the East Kazakhstan region on January 1, 2014 were kept 769.3 thousand heads of cattle (103.9% compared to the same date in 2013), 2207.2 thousand sheep and goats (100.5%), 85.2 thousand pigs (91.1%), 233.7 thousand horses (108.2%), 0.6 thousand camels (113.2%), 9.6 thousand red deer (95.8%), 3277.0 thousand heads of poultry (110.9%).

Main herd of livestock is owned by the farms of local population. According to the report of regional statistics office, at the beginning of 2014 on private farmsteads kept 62% of herds of cattle, 51% of sheep and goats, about 80% of pigs. The number of horses in almost equal proportion belonged to the farms of local population (46% of the herd) and peasant farms (52%). Three-quarters of poultry are concentrated in agricultural enterprises. However, the increase in herds of cattle, sheep and goats across the region is due to an increase in herds on farms (respectively by 19.7 and 6%).

At the beginning of 2014 cattle and poultry were kept in 101.2 thousand households of population (44.6% of the presence of farmsteads in the area). Calculated per yard, having livestock and poultry, each had 5 heads of cattle, 11 sheep and goats, one head of horses, nine heads of poultry.

The biggest number of cattle was noted by statisticians in households of Zaysan (10 heads per one yard), Kurchum and Tarbagatay (8 heads), Abay (7 heads) areas. On average, about 21 – 34 heads of sheep and goats were kept in the backyards of Ayagoz (21 heads per yard), Zaysan (23 heads), Tarbagatay (26 goals), Abay (34 heads) areas, reported the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

On January 1, 2014 cattle and poultry were kept by about four thousand private farms or farm households. In average per farm accounted 66 heads of cattle, 257 sheep and goats, three pigs, 31 heads of horses and three heads of the poultry.

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