East Kazakhstan: 99% of spring crops are threshed

On 3 October, as reported correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” in the regional department of agriculture, the region harvested area of ​​cereals by 98.4%. Output amounted to about 912 thousand tons compared to 617 thousand tons in 2015.

Spring wheat is beveled at 99%, the yield of 15 q / ha against 11.4 last year. On the same date, buckwheat in EKR removed almost 93% of the area, the yield of this crop totaled 13.8 q / ha. Oilseed removed about 8% today.

– Ends and digging potatoes in the fields remains about 6% of the jobs, vegetables and even less – 5%, – the head of the department of plant and agriculture of the Regional Department of Agriculture Adlet Tuleutayev.

We recall, in 2015 grain yield in the region was 12.5 in q/ ha, in this – 16.1.

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