East Kazakhstan: About 94% of oilseeds are removed

Today in EKR, as reported to the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh- Zerno” in the regional department of agriculture, about 94% of oilseed crops are removed, or nearly 379 thousand hectares. The harvest is approximately 386 thousand tons.

On the same date, sunflower is harvested on the area of over 362 thousand hectares, or well over 94%. Agrarians harvested over 367 thousand tons of seeds, the average yield of this crop reaches 10 and above quintals per hectare.

At the moment, continues harvesting of sunflower in Borodulihinsky, Zharminsky, Katon-Karagaysky, Kokpektinsky, Ulansky areas and in Ust –Kamenogorsk; almost managed with the task in Zyryanovsky area (over 99%).

We recall, in 2012 the yield of sunflower was 8.1 quintals per hectare.

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