East Kazakhstan: Crops have coped with drought thanks to the latest technologies

Crop growers of Borodulikha, writes the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, planted almost half of arable land this year, using the current trends in agricultural science. More than 130 thousand of crops experienced the effect of water saving and zero technologies. Following them helped to receive, taking into account current weather conditions, a good harvest.

Winter crops have been already removed. Rye gave 19 quintals per hectare, wheat – about 23 quintals per hectare, which is a very good indicator for our area. Now farmers started harvesting of spring wheat; first fields have shown about 8 quintals per hectare, barley – as well. As you know, filling of a spike fall on the heat, but we expect that we will finish harvest of spring crops with an average indicator of 10-12 quintals per hectare across the region, said the akim of Borodulikha district Gregory Akulov.

Today, sowing of winter crops is under way in the area, which will be completed by the end of September. Their acreage is about 7 thousand hectares.

Everything is all right with reserves of fodder as well, enough hay was cut; now silage is being procured. The average corn yield is 105 quintals per hectare.

– The farm household “Novaya Zarya” this year received a record yield for corn – about 170 quintals per hectare. The peasant farm is also leading in the pace of harvesting of this forage crop. It should be noted that currently the weather is favorable for farmers, said G.Akulov.

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