East Kazakhstan: Greenhouse vicissitudes

Новость на Казах-зерно:

As it became known to the special correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, East Kazakhstanian greenhouse complex soon will change the owner, but will it keep it profile? During the press conference the head of the department of business and industry Shakarym Buktugutov, referring to stay on a business trip, said he is not in the picture, and in fact- it is private property.

A little earlier the head of the regional department of agriculture Dyusumbay Selikhanov said that assistance under the state programs to support business was not a great help for the complex. Therefore, akimat of EKR negotiated with the supplier for cheapening heat recourses for greenhouses. As explained Sh.Buktugutov, the question was also about manufacturing subjects in industrial areas in order to reduce the tariffs on electricity. However, there was no legal justification.

this contributed to the fact that the previous owner decided to part with unprofitable business. Earlier, the head of the department at one of the meetings in the regional akimat said that despite all efforts, the complex cannot rise from its knees. Will it be able to do this now?

We remind, only for the first stage of construction, including usage of bank loans, was spent about 2 billion tenge. Greenhouse complex was presented two years ago as an object of national importance in providing the population with fresh vegetables available in the offseason. However, they were not much cheaper, and now they are opened to question at all.

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