East Kazakhstan: Rains have shifted the start of harvesting to the late August

Conducted phenological observations, as reported to the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” in the regional department of agriculture, showed that in general condition of crops in the EKR is satisfactory.

However, due to frequent and heavy rains and low temperatures established in connection with them, the development of grains and oilseeds in the region is behind time, at least for 7-10 days. For example, in Borodulikhinsky, Zyryanovsky, Caton-Karagaysky, Urjarsky, Ulansky, Ayagozsky and Shemonaikhinsky districts the amount of precipitation in June, exceeded the norm by 1.8-2.8 times, and in July – by 1.9-4.9 times. Therefore cereals, as noted in the agricultural department, most of them are still in the phase of milky-wax ripeness and milky stage, as well as in the flowering stage.

In this regard, the terms of mass harvesting of these crops are shifted to a later date, namely to the end of August. There is one more unpleasant nuance provoked by the rains.

Farmers from a number of regions expect that the yield per hectare will be less than expected. The fact is that more than 16.5% of crops (67 thous. ha) of wheat are infected with Septoria and rust,  to the spread of which contributes dampness as well. Moreover, treatment against the disease has been carried out in a timely manner by the agricultural producers on the area of more than 48 thousand hectares, of which 44.6 thousand ha are above the economic threshold of nocuity. The biggest area of infection, according to data of the department, are recorded in the households of Shemonaikhinsky, Borodulikhinsky, Zyryanovsky and Ulansky districts.

Abundant rainfall also contributed to the formation of a powerful vegetative mass, that is, it will be necessary to use separate cleaning of grain crops. And that, as noted in the department, will require from the managers of farms and districts to mobilize all the available harvesting equipment, especially combines, windrowers and balers.

At the same time, the availability of the necessary material and technical equipment and other material resources allows hoping that agroformations of the region, despite the adverse weather conditions, will be able to hold the harvesting campaign at the optimum time.

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