East Kazakhstan: Rapeseed against a sunflower?

Recently, in the EKR rapeseed becomes more attractive to farmers. Akim of the EKR Berdybek Saparbaev was convinced of it, writes the correspondent of IA “Kazakh- Zerno”, when visited Glubokovsky area. And it is not only about an increase in the size of subsidies for oilseeds. If the sown area of rapeseed has grown on the field, then soybeans, on the contrary, decreased (from 3,376 thousand hectares to 2,853 thousand). Just the first representative of oilseeds showed a great ability to adapt to climatic conditions in most parts of the EKR.

For example, the agricultural holding “Astana -Business” deals with rapeseed since 2011. This year, the crop was removed from the 600 hectares, and in 2014 it is planed to plant 800 hectares. On his experiments with winter rapeseed director of the LLC Farid Abitayev told during April visit of the Minister of Agriculture Asylzhan Mamytbekov to East Kazakhstan.

The results have been approved by the Minister, which was witnessed by the correspondent of the IA. Moreover, rapeseed has established itself as a good honey plant. In order to implement the plans of the Agricultural holding on this crop, here they are going to abandon the sunflower and reduce the acreage occupied by cereals.

In 2013, the rapeseed area in East Kazakhstan took more than 10 thousand hectares , compared to about 8 thousand in 2012.

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