East Kazakhstan: The rains have shifted the schedule of haying and harvest

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Despite the rainy weather, the region continues forage conservation. At present, as the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Grain” was informed in the provincial department of agriculture, it is harvested about 1,500 thousand tons of hay, or more than 76%.

The leader in hay procurement is Shemonaihinsky district. There is stored around 90% of roughage feed. On the same date, farms of the region procured almost 50 thousand tons of hay, or about 73%. Kokpektinsky, Glubokovsky and Urjarsky areas have succeeded in this. There these valuable products were procured by 109, 110 and 110%.

However, graphics hay moving and harvesting of grain were shifted for at least 10 days. Land, supersaturated with water, hinders the movement of machinery, and grains soaked as well. In the region, though later than usual, farmers have started harvesting of winter wheat, but the incessant rains forced to suspend work.

In addition, further meteorological forecasts are not encouraging. According to the regional Hydrometeorological, in EKR because of the ongoing rains, on August 13-15 at large and other rivers and streams is expected further rise in water level, and even spills and flooding are possible. In the mountainous areas of the region mudslides and landslides are not excluded.

We recall, harvesting of winter rye in the region usually begins in late July, and grain – from the second decade of August, but 2013 season seems to be an unpleasant exception.

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