East Kazakhstan: Wheat prices have fallen sharply – traders

Новость на Казах-зерно:

According to the local traders, in East Kazakhstan came the period of sharp decline in wheat prices. The reason for this was the suspension of grain procurement by the Russians, wrote the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

Just a couple of weeks ago, farmers could not afford to throw even a couple of thousand tenge and sold a ton of wheat not less than 45-46 thousand. Now even 43,000 for them is an acceptable price, said traders.

However, this phenomenon is considered temporary, until the neighbors from the Altai region will not renew the purchase of grain. “Altai stopped purchases. But after a week or two, the demand from Russia will restart. And while local traders successfully use this”, said grain traders.

Barley prices in the region were fixed at 40-42 thousand tenge per ton. But the holders hope that its value will approach to 45,000 tenge. The price for sunflower seeds also does not change the position in the region – 70-75 thousand.

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