Egg production increased in the North Kazakhstan region

In May, the production of eggs increased in the North Kazakhstan region, less than in April, but also significantly. But growth was fixed not in all areas. Egg production has declined only in Akzhar district. In April, growth took place in most districts of the region and could have been even higher if not for the decline in production of this product in the two largest egg-producing areas. By more than 1 million pieces eggs production increased in five areas, in three – by abut 0.5 million pieces, and in the rest of districts had more moderate increase. In May, an increase in eggs production of more than 1 million eggs was not recorded in any district, but over 500 thousand eggs were produced in four areas.

According to the Committee on Statisticsof the Republic of Kazakhstan for the NKR, in January 2019, about 58,628.3 thousand eggs were producedin the North Kazakhstan region, in February – 53,443.2 thousand eggs, and in March – 59,018.5 thousand eggs. As a result, in January-March, the region produced 171,090 thousand eggs. In April, the North Kazakhstan region produced 65,322.2 thousand eggs, which is 6,303.7 thousand pieces or by 10.7 percent higher. In May, production of eggs grew to 70,363.5 thousand pieces, by 5,041.5 or 7.7percent, “”NA reports.

More than 0.5 million eggs were produced in the GabitMүsrepovdistrict – an increase of 748.9 thousand by April from 1,857.2 to 2,606.1 thousand, in Taiynshadistrict – of 721.8 thousand from 9,826.1 to 10,547.9 thousand pieces, in Ayyrtau district – of 634.1 thousand pieces from 2,124.2 to 2,758.3 thousand pieces and in Kyzylzhar district – of 587.1 thousand pieces from 42,501.6 to 43,088, 7 thousand pieces.

From 200 to 500 thousand eggs were produced in six districts, and in two districts and in Petropavlovsk less than this. In Akzhar district, as mentioned above, egg production declined by 870 thousand pieces from 1,529.7 to 659.7 thousand.

Let us recall, during the first three months of 2019, about 171.09 million eggs were produced in the North Kazakhstan region. The share of Kyzylzhardistrict in egg production in the first three monthsamounted for 132,767.5 thousand. This is 77.6 percent of the total regional production of this product. Tayinsha district is in the second place in egg production. It produced 28,437.3 thousand eggs with a share in the regional volume of 16.6 percent. In the rest of the region, including Petropavlovsk, egg production is relatively insignificant.

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