Elevators and grain-admitting enterprises of the North-Kazakhstan region are ready to accept new grain harvest

The majority of grain growers of the North-Kazakhstan region have already started the harvest of grain. The harvesting area of cereals this year is 3 million 900 thousand hectares, reported IA “Kazakh-Zerno” with the reference to the “KazAkparat”.

Currently almost everything in the region is ready to the harvest: there is enough fuel, combines and other equipment are also prepared. Elevators and grain-admitting enterprises are ready to accept new grain harvest.
About this said the head of the region Serik Bilyalov during his working visit to the farm in Kyzylzhar region.

“The agricultural and industrial complex of the region is ready for harvest. Grain admitting enterprises are also ready to accept grain .Of the 49 licensed elevators 41 have already passed attestation. 

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