Farmers of southern regions of Kazakhstan planted spring grain crops on 61.5% of the planned area on April 20th

Farmers of southern regions of Kazakhstan, according to the Regional Department of Agriculture, as of April 20, planted spring cereals on 61.5% of the planned area – 254.1 thousand ha.

Thus, according to the summary of the Department of Agriculture, in the South Kazakhstan region grain crops are sown on 80.1% of the planned area, in Zhambyl – on 94.7%, in Kyzyl-Orda – on 82.4%, in Almaty region – on 36.4%.

Oilseeds in southern regions are planted 22.7% of the area – 81 thousand ha (in 2014 – 71.1 thousand hectares).

We recall, as previously reported the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, in 2015 crops will be located on an area of 21.5 million hectares. Planting acreage will be 18.5 million hectares. Cereals will be sown on 15.2 million hectares, including wheat – 12.2 million hectares. Expected reduction in the area of wheat compared with last year will amount to 235,000 hectares, rice – 8.5 thousand hectares, oilseeds will be planted on an area of 2.2 million hectares, fodder crops – on 3.7 million hectares, melons and potatoes – on 14 thousand hectares.

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