Flour, beef and vegetables have risen in price in the southern capital of Kazakhstan

The consumer price index in November compared to October in Almaty amounted to 100.7%. According to the Statistical report, for the past month prices and tariffs for food and non-food products increased by 0.8%, paid services by 0.4%.

A noticeable effect on the rise in prices in the group of food products in November was caused by a rise in the price of flour – by 1.5% (wheat flour of extra-class – by 1.7%, first-rate – by 1.1%), rice – by 1.1% of macaroni products – by 0.8%.

Prices for meat and meat products increased by 0.9%, due to beef – by 2.3%, pork – by 1.1%, while mutton fell in price by 1.6%.

Prices for fish and seafood increased by 1%, reports the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” with reference to the statistical data.

Fresh vegetables rose in price by 6.9%, including sweet pepper – by 83.8%, cucumbers and tomatoes – by 38-42.8%, carrots – by 1.4%. The cost of potatoes fell by 9.3%, onion by 8.4%, cabbage – by 8.3%. Prices for fresh fruit increased by 3.2%.

The increase in prices for confectionery products was 1.2%.

Cereals became cheaper by 1.8%, due to cheaper prices of buckwheat – by 4.7%, while manna groats grew by 1.3%, oatmeal and millet – by 0.8%.

Dairy products became more expensive by 0.9%, including pasteurized milk – by 0.9%, long-term storage – by 0.8%, raw milk – by 0.5%; cheese and cottage cheese – by 1%, sour-milk products (sour cream, kefir, fermented milk) – by 1.1%.

The increase in prices for alcoholic beverages amounted to 0.3% (vodka – 0.4%, wine – 0.7%), non-alcoholic beverages – to 1.1%. Tobacco products (cigarettes with a filter) grew in price by 0.5%.

Prices for sugar decreased by 3.8%, and eggs went up by 6.2%.

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