Food costs remain the main budget item of people in the East Kazakhstan

Expenses for food are the main cost item of family budgets of residents of the East Kazakhstan region; in the structure of consumer expenditures of the population they account for 50.9%.

According to the estimates of the regional department of statistics, during the first quarter every month the average family spent 14,084 tenge on meat and meat products, 7,242 tenge on bread products and groats, 4,791 tenge on milk and dairy products, 3,253 tenge on sugar and sweets, fruit – 5,233 tenge on and vegetables, 2,550 tenge on butter and fats, 2,037 tenge on soft drinks, 1,639 tenge on fish and seafood, 797 tenge on eggs, 813 tenge on alcoholic beverages, 1,742 tenge on tobacco products.

Monthly ration of a citizen of the East Kazakhstan included 20.9 kg of dairy products, 11.2 kg of bread products and groats, 7.1 kg of meat and meat products, 1.2 kg of fish and seafood. Moreover, the per capita consumption of oils and fats in the region was 1.7 kg, sugar, sweets and confectionery products – 3 kg, eggs- 15 pieces, reports the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

According to statistics, the per capita consumption of fruit was 4.1 kg for the quarter, vegetables (excluding potatoes) – 6.8 kg, potato – 4.4 kg.

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