Foodstuffs in the North Kazakhstan grew in price by 4.4%

As it was reported to the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” in the regional Department of Statistics, in September this year, the consumer price index in the SKR in comparison with December 2015 amounted to 104.9%. Food prices rose by 4.4%, non-food products – by 5.7%, paid services – by 4.8%.

In September, an increase in prices in the region was observed for eggs by 7.9%, non-alcoholic beverages – by 5.9%, meat (including meat products) – by 3.5%, bakeries and groats – by 0.3%. Potato prices have fallen by 30.6%, fruit and vegetables – by 8.3%, sugar and confectionery products – by 3.6%.

Statistics point out that per capita nominal money incomes of population in January-June 2016 amounted to 58,561 tenge and increased compared to January-June 2015 by 11.3%. The ratio of per capita nominal monetary income and the minimum subsistence level of the population in January-June 2016 was 3 times.

The subsistence minimum per capita, calculated from the minimum norms of consumption, in September 2016 amounted to 22,399 tenge and increased by 22.3% compared with December of the previous year. The cost of the food basket amounted to 13,439 tenge.

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