Government discusses business, utility and grain matters

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Licensing procedures for businesses will be reduced in Kazakhstan. Almost 30% of documents will be cancelled or switched to a notification procedure. In the meantime, a new system of differentiated tariffs will be introduced in the housing and utilities sector.

According to the new bill, presented to the Government by the Minister of Economic Development and Trade, evaluation criteria for businesses will be reconsidered. Businesses will be divided into small, medium and large ones not according to their asset value but the average annual income. Apart from that, a moratorium on any planned inspections will be imposed for the newly opened businesses within the first three years.

In turn, the Kazakhstan Agency for Monopoly Regulation suggested improving the pricing policy through introducing maximum tariffs for natural monopolies and a transition to so-called benchmarking, a method of comparative analysis for regional power companies. Meanwhile, the sowing season is continuing. Due to the hot weather in the southern regions, this year’s campaign began earlier than usual. According to the Minister of Agriculture, Assylzhan Mamytbekov, there are no problems with either seeds or fuel. Grain elevators will be cleared from old reserves through building new grain storages and increasing grain exports.

Assylzhan Mamytbekov, Kazakh Minister of Agriculture: «We have two major export destinations – towards the Caspian Sea as well as through the Saryagash station by rail starting from Shu, Zhambyl, and Shymkent».

Kazakhstan delivers one million, three hundred thousand tons of grain together with flour to foreign countries on a monthly basis. This year, even by the most conservative estimates, Kazakhstan will become one of the leading world exporters as approximately 13 million tons of wheat will be shipped to foreign markets.

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