Government to review efficiency of food belt of Astana

Новость на Казах-зерно:

“KazAgro” National Holding submitted a range of initiatives aimed to resolve a number of problems of agri-business of Astana’s food belt for consideration of the Government, the press service of the Holding reported.

On the instruction of the President, “KazAgro” finances the projects on production and processing of agricultural products located in 300-kilometers area around Astana. Totally, the Holding financed 61 projects amounting to 33.8 billion tenge, the press service informed.

Thereat, 56 enterprises financed by the Holding already supply their products to the markets of Astana, reported IA “Kazakh-Zerno” with the reference to “KAZINFORM”.

As the press service informs, in course of financing the projects of the food belt of Astana “KazAgro” Holding faced a number of problems affecting efficiency of the projects. These are the issues of provision of the raw material base, expenditures on infrastructure, insufficient level of modern technological solutions. Another block of issues is connected with the lack of delivery cycles, underdevelopment of the transport and logistics services, absence of legal regulation of businessmen support in promotion of their products.

Having gained the support of domestic agricultural producers, the national operator proposes establishment of a commodity distribution system including organization of daily cooperation between producers and traders as one of the ways to resolve existing problems.

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