Grain yield in Kazakhstan is almost three times higher than last year

Harvesting in the region is coming to an end, and farmers mentally prepare themselves for the fact that soon they will be invited to the office and they will be asked , as it has become a tradition, voluntarily-compulsory to add to the actual yield a couple, and even more quintals.

Farmers are not willing to talk about these facts on their own behalf, as they have already too much troubles hanging on their shoulders, they say. Even though it has become customary for the peasants, they prefer the anonymity to the silence, writes the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

“Now it is quiet, but there will be additions soon. We will be asked to report about not less than 14 q/ ha, “- says with a smile the head of one of the farms of Esil district. The farm got an average of 12 q / ha from a hectare of land, which means that officially we will have to announce a couple of quintals more.

But this problem today does not particularly worry the local farmer. He is more worried about the amount of money, which the new crop is appreciated for. “Grain-unit is weak, of course, but it attains 3 grade. Barley is already sold out; it has been sold by 18 thousand tenge per ton. Wheat is offered at 23 thousands, 4-5 grade – 20 thousands,” said the source.

The farm is unlikely to wait for decent prices, anticipation is too great luxury. “When the time comes to pay the loan, then we will sell grain. We will no longer have to choose. In general, it is a good agricultural year, the price would have been like in the past,” said the head of household.

We recall, that according to the bulletins of the Ministry of Agriculture, as of today harvesting campaign in the region is completed by 79%, grain yield exceeded 4 million 78 thousand tons with the average yield of 14.5 q/ha.

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