Green belt around Astana

Nursultan Nazarbayev has examined the “green belt” around Astana.

The man-made forest around the capital city is an example of an oasis in the steppe, the creation of which was very complex and laborious work. For example, a 10 centimeter bush was bred with the help of clonal propagation. If scientists were right about the climate and special care, this pine will look like a pine within five years.

Forestry and hunting committee chairman, Kazakh ministry of agriculture Yerlan Nyssanbayev: “We all know that it is a large-scale project of our president. He finds time to visit this place every year. He understands that since we have created this forest, it is necessary to maintain it”.

Every year the head of state releases pheasants. Those which have been released from the farm in past years have already become accustomed. The forest is well protected and hunting is forbidden there. Astana has also bred some new varieties of plants.

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev: “I have asked for the city to be surrounded with forest to improve the ecology and keep the wind and dust down. During 14 years, beginning from 1997, 60 thousand hectares of forest have been planted around Astana. Moreover, we have planted 16 thousand hectares of woodland within the city”.

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