In 2014 “Ak Biday Terminal” transferred 682 thousand tons of Kazakhstan’s grain

Grain terminal Ak Biday is gaining momentum. In 2014 terminal transferred 682 thousand tons of Kazakhstan’s grain. This is a record level.

We recall, as previously reported the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, in 2010 was transferred 404,000 tons of grain, in 2011 – almost 308 thousand tons of grain (compared with 2010 shipments fell by 24%). By the end of 2012 grain transfer through “Ak Bidai Terminal” amounted to 557,655 tons. (almost 2 times higher than the previous level). During January-December 2013 through the port of Aktau was shipped 527,000 tons of grain (30 thousand tons less).

This year the company is going to preserve and increase this result. New contracts with domestic companies on grain transfer are signed, and the first ship with Kazakhstan’s grain has already been sent to Iran.

A few years ago the company made an upgrade. The terminal has increases its annual capacity to 600,000 tons and it breaks all records. Last year, for the first time in many years reached its maximum in grain exports. The company’s success was appreciated by the award of the President in the field of quality “Altyn Sapa”.

Rafail Galyamov, Chairman of the Board of “Ak Biday Terminal” JSC, told in the pages of the local mass media: “The area of the terminal in the port is one hectare. In eleven silos is being stored twenty-two thousand five hundred tons of grain. The number of companies willing to work with the grain terminal increases every year.”

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