In 2016, the number of sheep and goats in Kazakhstan increased by 183 thousand heads, or by 0.9%

The number of sheep and goats in Kazakhstan increased by 0.9% for the period from November 2015 on November 2016. According to the Kazakh Statistics Agency, as of November 1 last year, the number of sheep and goats was 19,825.1 thousand heads, as of November 1, 2016 20,008.2 thousand individuals, up to last year’s 183.1 heads, or 0.9%.

But the number of sheep in the country by regions increased unevenly, and even declined in many areas, reports the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”. In absolute size flock of sheep has increased in areas of traditional breeding of these animals. This South-Kazakhstan region – an increase of 92.8 thousand heads, Almaty -. 53.3 thousand, Zhambyl -. 51.9 thousand, Aktobe -. 44.8 thousand, Kyzylorda -. 38.8 thousand heads.

Currently, most sheep found in the South Kazakhstan region – 4043.4 thousand heads, Almaty -. 3787.4 thousand heads, and Zhambyl regions -. 2706.3 thousand heads.

According to the relative population growth dynamics of the picture is somewhat different. According to these parameters leads Kyzylorda region – growth of 106.3%, Aktobe – 103.8%, Akmola – 103.2%, South Kazakhstan oblast – 102.3%. Total both relative and absolute growth took place in 10 regions of the country and population decline in the four areas. It Kostanay region – 99.4%, Mangistau – 98.8%, East Kazakhstan – 96.6% and Karaganda regions -94%.

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