In April, barley reserves in Kazakhstan decreased almost fourfold

As previously reported the IA «Kazakh-Zerno», in April, the cost of grain by March decreased by more than 200 thousand tons. According to the Statistics Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 9149406 tons of grain were stored in the republic on May 1, and by April 1, 10330201 tons. As a result, in the course of domestic consumption, exports, losses from April 1 to May 1, grain reserves in Kazakhstan decreased by 1180795 tons, or by 11.4%.

In April, the greatest relative decline in Kazakhstan’s barley was recorded. Unlike other periods, barley from the grain balance dropped out more than usual and in absolute amounts — less than wheat by only 200 thousand tons. This is due to the internal consumption and the explosive export demand for this culture.

In April, the volume of wheat decreased by 926198 tons, from 8648151 to 7721953 tons, or 89.3%, corn — by 14610 tons, from 82728 to 68118 tons, or 82.3%, and rice — by 23942 tons, from 174615 to 150673 tons, or 86.3%.

Barley was reduced by 724,189 tons, from 982,205 to 258,016 tons, or 26.3%, rye — by 10642 tons, from 23,406 to 12,764 tons, or 54.5%, oats by 14923 tons, from 151272 to 136,349 tons, or 90 ,1%.

The stocks of buckwheat decreased by 3,694 tons, from 41467 to 37773 tons, or 91%, and millet to 4264 tons, from 26936 to 22672 tons, or 84.2%.

Mixtures of the beetle decreased to 14,631 tons, from 82516 to 67885 tons, or 82.3%.

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