In East Kazakhstan were threshed 200 thousand tons of oilseeds

As of today, in the region, as reported to the special correspondent of the IA “Kazakh- Zerno” in the regional department of agriculture, more than 60% of oilseed crops has been removed, or about 242 thousand hectares. It was harvested 212 thousand tons.

Sunflower has been removed on the area of more than 226 thousand hectares, or almost 59 %; in the farms harvested about 195 thousand tons; the average yield of this crop reaches 8.9 quintals per hectare. No sunflower remained in the fields in Zaysan region; here a hectare of land gave to farmers about 9 quintals. In the final stage of harvesting entered Shemonaikhinsky (92 %), where a hectare gives about 14.3 quintals. In the top three also is Glubokovsky area (78 %), where a hectare of sown area was the most fruitful – more than 15 quintals.

Harvesting of rapeseed (over 97%) and soybean (over 94 %) is also being completed. This year, farmers received on these crops, respectively, 12 and almost 16 quintals per hectare compared with 10 and 12 in 2012.

We recall that in 2013 the area of oilseeds in EKR is 402 thousand hectares, in 2012 it was 376 thousand.

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