In Kazakhstan flour decreased in price, but bread rose

Новость на Казах-зерно:

In September of this year compared with August cooking oil in Kazakhstan increased in price by 1.1%, sugar – by 0.5%, dairy products, according to the Statistics Agency, have increased in price by 0.3%.

The bread on Kazakhstan shelves in the past month rose in price by 0.2%. In this case, according to the monitoring of statisticians, fish dropped in price by 5.5%, grits and rye flour – by 2.1%, wheat flour – by 1.9%, pasta – by 1.2%, poultry meat – by 1, 1%.

We should note, in the past month, in the midst of harvesting campaign, in the country was recorded an increase in diesel prices in the range of 1%, said the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

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