In North Kazakhstan summed up the 2012 harvest

Новость на Казах-зерно:

In the North Kazakhstan region summed up the harvest of this year. Areas, which showed the best results of grain harvest, were presented certificates for a total sum of 60 million tenge by akim Serik Bilyalov. It was also allocated 30 million tenge for the great contribution to the development of breeding in the region, writes the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

At the meeting with farmers dedicated to the Agriculture Worker’s Day, summed up the heavy dry agricultural year. Index of grain harvest of 4.9 million tons, which farmers were able to grow in conditions of extreme heat, was noted as a result of enormous labor of farmers.

Leaders on the grain yield became agricultural enterprises of Kyzylzhar area, where a hectare of field gave an average of about 20 quintals. For this high result the region was awarded 30 million tenge. Second place in grain production took the farms of Esil district. Grain yields here reached up to 19 q / ha, for what local authorities were given a certificate for 20 million tenge for further development and raising the industry. Third place and 10 million tenge received Mamlyutsky district, for grain yield of 17.2 q / ha.

Gross yield in the region in the end of the harvest was 31% of the republican grind. We remind, in the current year farmers of North Kazakhstan were given about 7 billion tenge as subsidies.

On the red carpet were also honored areas which showed the best results in the development of the livestock sector. Kyzylzhar district received a cash prize of 15 million tenge, Akzharsky – 10 and Akkayynsky – 5.

Participants noted that in 2012 regional farms purchased 301.5 thousand heads of cattle.

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