In the North of Kazakhstan vegetables and fruits grew in price

Новость на Казах-зерно:

For the past half of the month prices on the shelves of retail shops of the regional center have not changed significantly. However, fruits and vegetables have risen in price a little bit. The correspondent of the IA “Kazakh- Zerno” studied the changes in prices for food products in the shops of Petropavlovsk.

If in mid-October, it was possible to talk about reducing the cost of some products, in particular regarding grits, then in early November, the price tags for them have kept the old numbers. Just buckwheat grew in price a bit – about 15 tg.

Also by 5-15 tenge became more expensive potatoes, carrots and eggs. More than 20 tenge added to their cost tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges and pears.

Price changes have not touched meat, pasta, flour and milk.

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