In the South Kazakhstan breeders will introduce the latest technology

It is well known that agriculture occupies a special place in the economic and social progress of the country. In order to develop the AIC in the Republic of Kazakhstan a number of programs have been implemented. Each of them is aimed at improving the competitiveness and development of the agricultural sector.

To increase the number of agricultural products, improving its quality and development of animal husbandry it is necessary to introduce new technologies. Moreover, it is considered important to clarify to the local population the scientific and technological progress in agriculture.

In recent years, hydroponic method gains popularity. This method involves growing plants in an artificial environment.

Recently, in the Suzak district of South Kazakhstan region was held an extended presentation of the fodder grown by this method, reported to the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” in the press service of akim of the South Kazakhstan region.

“Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, in an artificial environment. This is the latest technology that make it possible to grow fodder that is rich in minerals and nutrients in the shortest time”, said the CEO of “Kaz Agro Green” LLP Kopbayev Bakhytzhan during the meeting.

Summing up the meeting akim of the district M.Isaev said: “If we are convinced of the effectiveness of this method, our local farmers will have to master this technology”.

In order to further the discussion of the innovation bilateral negotiations will be held.

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