In the West Kazakhstan food products grew in price by 3.4% since the beginning of the year

Новость на Казах-зерно:

In the consumer market of the West Kazakhstan region the prices of goods and services, according to the Department of Statistics, increased by 3.4% in May 2014 compared with December 2013.

In January – May this year food price index was 104.3%. Prices of dairy products rose by 5.3%, cheese and cottage cheese – 7.8%, sugar, jam, honey, chocolate, confectionery products – by 8.3%, tobacco products – by 17.5%. Egg prices fell by 27.2%, buckwheat – by 6.9%, sunflower oil – by 1.4%.

Fruits and vegetables rose in price by 18.3%, including carrots – by 11.6%, beet – by 11.8%, onion – 60%, cabbage – by 98.6%, said the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

Thus, according to statistics, a kilo of rice in WKR in May cost 200 tenge, top-grade flour – 97 tg/kg, beef – 950 tg/kg, pork – 880 tg/kg, milk – 140 tg/ litre, eggs – 175 tg/ a dozen.

We should note that in comparison with other regions of Kazakhstan minimum prices have developed for first grade wheat flour, rye-wheat bread, white bread of top-grade flour, noodles, cheese rennet, beef, mutton, horse meat, chicken, beets, apples, sugar, black tea, yeast, dried apricots, oranges, lemons.

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