India has got potential to export extra 1-mn tons of sugar

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Mr Sharad Pawar, Union Agriculture Minister, has stated that there is ample scope for further exports of one-million tonnes of sugar since India has got surplus stocks.

Until now, Centre has allowed the exports of 2-million tonnes of sugar for the present 2011-12 marketing year ending September. The wheat and rice exports have been permitted in September last year under the Open General Licence (OGL), with no quantity restrictions, as compared to sugar.

India is considered as the world’s second largest sugar producer and also the biggest consumer. It is projected to manufacture 26-million tonnes of sweetener during the 2011-12 marketing year as compared to 24.2-million tonnes in the previous year. The annual domestic demand is pegged at 22-million tonnes.

India had exported 2.6-million tonnes of sugar during the 2010-11 marketing year. India is projected to manufacture a record wheat and rice harvest of 88.31 million tonnes and 102.75 million tonnes, respectively, during the 2011-12 crop year (July-June).

India had harvested 86.87-million tonnes of wheat and 95.98-million tonnes of rice during the previous crop year.

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