Innovative regulators of plants’ growth produced in Kazakhstan

Low-tonnage production of regulators of plants’ growth that received an innovation grant from the National Agency on Technological Development, manufactured its first products for KZT 750 thousand.

The uniqueness of this production is in fact that the plants’ growth regulators are produced by a Kazakhstan company. These regulators can safely and effectively increase the productivity of plants. Currently, this project does not have analogues in Kazakhstan and produced products called “Akpinol-alpha” have been fully developed in Kazakhstan.

The project was presented at the republican contest of innovative business plans where it won the grant for further development from the National Agency on technological Development in the amount of KZT 7.5 mln which allowed to purchase modern equipment: reactor, diaphragm vacuum pump and circulation bath.

Author of “Akpinol-alpha”, chief research scientist of the A.B. Bekturov Institute of Chemical Sciences Nurzhan Kurmankulov emphasizes that the product is universal.

“This product increases productivity of crops, establishment of plants, strength of plants and it also allows to replace natural phytohormones in plants,” Kurmankulov noted.

Presently, the first batch of the product in the number of 250 packages, 1 gram each and amounting to KZT 750 thousand has already been sold. The product with high added value has been created. The price is 3 thousand tenge for 1 gram.

In whole, to meet the demands of agriculture of Kazakhstan, about 500 kilograms of this product is required for a year.

According to N. Kurmankulov, presently, the work on promotion of the product to the market of agricultural chemicals of Kazakhstan is conducted. “We have a goal to realize the first kilogram of this product in the season of 2012-2013 and then we will work on fulfillment of higher goals, selling the first 10 kilograms totaling 30 million tenge,” he said.

Production of low-tonnage product in form of regulator of plants’ growth will allow to qualitatively and quantitatively improve agricultural products and exclude usage of harmful pesticides and elevate agricultural production to a new level.

Besides, the scientist is confident that the state support is very important for innovators as long as it helps them to introduce their innovations.

“Thanks to the instruments of the state support and development of innovative infrastructure of the country, many innovators have an opportunity to realize their ideas and turn them into real productions. There is real confidence that rendered measures of state support to innovative development will result in emergence of new products with high added value in the nearest future and it will allow to increase the share of the GDP in the non-oil and gas sector,” the professor concluded.

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