International organization supports foodstuffs safety of Kazakhstan

Новость на Казах-зерно:

IFC together with a large international distribution network organized workshops for Kazakhstan providers to introduce international standards of food safety. The programme includes an assessment of the company, training of personnel and provides consulting support.

Kazakhstan has launched a programme to improve food enterprises, which was organized by the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank, together with the world’s largest retail chain, developing business in Kazakhstan. The programme is aimed towards the implementation of international standards on production safety, assistance to the increase in the competitiveness of enterprises and reaching the foreign markets. According to an informal survey conducted by the experts of the International Finance Corporation, today about 2 thousand Kazakhstan companies are producing foodstuffs but only a few of them follow modern safety standards.

Food Safety Expert, IFC Yuri Zvazhenko said: «Other companies do not follow these standards because they don’t believe they are necessary or even do not know that there are such standards and systems.»

As part of the programme experts assess the company in accordance with modern standards. Subsequent levels include training of providers and consulting support. Speaking of cost, the experts explained that the IFC pay half the cost of an enterprise, which is participating in the programme.

Food Safety Expert, IFC Yuri Zvazhenko: «Such modern system of introduction of the foodstuffs safety standards is both the guarantee for consumers of foodstuffs and assistance in the improvement of business. The introduction of new quality standards help companies to improve, since they are reaching new markets, increasing sales, decrease costs for production, and they operating activity becomes more effective.»

Additionally, experts say that the introduction of modern standards of food safety will allow companies-suppliers to strengthen the position in the context of economic integration and globalization of markets.

Deputy General Director, Quality Assurance Department at Metro Cash&Carry Kazakhstan Lyazzat Sarbassova: «Our producers have all conditions for expansion. Today Kazakhstan is a member of the Customs Union. Additionally, Russia has joined the WTO, so our suppliers should increase their level, produce and supply products correspondent to international standards.»

Today, the largest shopping network and the partner of IFC has about 700 suppliers and 90% of them are Kazakhstan producers.

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