Iran raised the duty on imported grain up to 50%

Новость на Казах-зерно:

As it turned out to the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, on March, 12 Iran raised the duty on imported grain in the country up to 50%. According to the Iranian market participants, this increase is connected with the high prospects of local crops, as well as the massive purchase of grain on international markets in recent time.

As it was previously reported, in the end of February, Iran purchased 800 thousand tons of wheat, including 500 thousand tons in Russia, and 300 thousand tons in Australia. And two weeks earlier Iran bought about 1.1 million tons of grain, despite the banking sanctions of the U.S. and the EU.

In addition, Iran plans to buy about 3 million tons of wheat from India. Purchase can be made in rupees.

We remind that since 2010 exports of Kazakh grain to Iran has a tendency to decrease. “This is due to the introduction of the high import duty on imported wheat (40%) by the Iranian side, which is associated with the renewing of the government stocks in this country”.

The specified high duty of the Iranian side was removed at the end of 2011. And once again the duty was increased up to 50%, which can seriously disrupt the plans of Kazakh grain exporters to this country. This will be a bitter pill to good news about the introduction into service of the railway of Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan – Iran, the operation of which can increase the grain flow into the country up to 2.5 million tons.

Feodor Sergeyev

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