KazAgro holding started delivery of cheap grain to milling enterprises

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Due to the draught several regions of Kazakhstan will lose 353 thousand hectares of grain. The assumed harvest level in 2012 is estimated at 12.8 million tonnes of grain with 8.1 hundredweights from hectare harvest.

According to the press service of the KazAgro, the holding has delivered the first batch of grain at a reduced price to millers at the South Kazakhstan region. In order to provide fodder for farmers and satisfy suggestions of the Union of Poultry-breeders and Union of Hog Farmers, the Food Contract Corporation started selling grain for 28 thousand tenge per tonne.

The Ministry of Agriculture, the «KazAgro», the Union of Millers, as well as councils of Astana, Almaty and regions signed a memorandum on measures to stabilize the prices for bread, 1st grade flour, as well as on measures to prevent livestock reduction in the fields. According to the document, through the Food Contract Corporation, the KazAgro holding will allocate 1.3 million tonnes of grain, which will be dispensed to flour milling organizations identified by the local executive bodies, at a fixed price of 28 thousand tenge per tonne. Bran equaled to 250 thousand tonnes will be supplied to livestock at 15 thousand tenge per tonne.

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