Kazakh farmer to send flour to flood-stricken Russian region

Новость на Казах-зерно:

A farmer from Kazakhstan is ready to send 20 tons of flour to south Russia’s flood-stricken Krasnodar Territory.

Intense flooding in the Black Sea region of southern Russia killed over 170 people, mainly in the town of Krymsk, after torrential rains began on Friday which dropped more than 30 centimeters of water. Many of the dead were elderly people or handicapped. Energy, gas and water supplies, as well as car and rail traffic were disrupted.

“People died there, we should not remain indifferent, I should help them,” said Murat Akenov, a farmer from the city of Karaganda, adding that he hoped the authorities of his region would transport the cargo.

An operational headquarters spokesman told RIA Novosti by phone on Thursday that the water supply has been restored in all districts of Krymsk – the area most affected by the flood.

Meanwhile, police in Krymsk denied claims that fraudsters sold humanitarian aid meant to be distributed among town residents for free.

Police said some 50 traffic police crews are at the entrance to the town to help arriving volunteers get to places where their humanitarian aid is required.

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